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UnTangled FM was created and is led by entrepreneur, author and mentor, Harun Rabbani. The team is composed of experts who specialise in human transformation.

UnTangled FM was founded on the principle that Freedom Matters (hence, the ‘FM’ of Untangled FM). You and every other person on the planet  were born free and have the right to express your innermost creativity that leads to your personal success.

The interviews with all the knowledge, experience, wisdom and foresight provided by the best are there to help you liberate yourself and to design your own destiny. How amazing is that? Now, it is up to you to take action on what you hear from your favourite guests.

The formula is simple. Understanding and action leads to true knowledge and wisdom. The greater the understanding and the doing, the greater the results you will enjoy. UnTangled FM provides you with the inspiration, entertainment and motivation to engage yourself into real, discernible change. Now, it is up to you!