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It is said that humans are far more powerful than they have been led to believe or even conceive. It was with this in mind that Harun Rabbani went on a quest to seek out the greatest thinkers, philosophers, scientists and wisdom-keepers to understand the nature of personal evolution.

In June 2009, Harun carried out his first interview on the Consciousness Revolution Show with scientist and pioneer, Nassim Haramein, in order to understand the synergy between science and spirituality. Over the course of the next two years, Harun interviewed several of the most respected figures in the field of consciousness.

As the show’s popularity grew, listeners wanted to hear about more subject matters. In March 2011, Harun was joined by a second presenter, Chrissy White, who hosted a show for listeners with a keen interest in raw and vital foods called ‘The Gourmet Revolution’.

Our listeners wanted even more! So, on 17th March 2012, UnTangled FM was born with several new shows covering social enterprise, money, empowerment of women, faith, sex and relationships. In truth, this was a big experiment to establish whether there was enough hunger for life transformational information via internet radio.

The result was a resounding success! Today, UnTangled FM has got listeners from across five continents who regularly tune in to listen and participate in the inspirational, entertaining and engaging shows every single week.

Our current schedule can be see by clicking here.

We are on the look-out for inspiring presenters to host a range of new topics including business, money, music, geopolitics, ancient civilisations and more. So if you are interested in being considered, please send as an email with a brief explanation on why you feel you can make a real difference to the listeners of UnTangled FM. Please send your message to support@untangledfm.com