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All the presenters on UnTangled FM are accomplished experts in their individual fields who have a passion for bringing cutting-edge information that entertains, educates and inspires listeners to make a real difference to their own lives and to others.

Alison Levesley – Divine Conversations

Alison Levesley is an Interfaith minister whose mission is not only to help individuals connect with the Divine within them, but also on the micro/macrocosmic level to help the humanity find the Divine within itself. Alison has been researching and engaging within the original medicines for the last 20 years.

She has numerous qualifications and experience as an Intuitive, Spiritual Director, Teacher of Advanced Hypnotherapy, business coach, Group facilitator, Counsellor, certificate in NLP, Reiki Master/Teacher, practitioner of some Traditional Chinese Medicines. Alison has been at the helm of initiation through her work with Gorton Monastery as its Spiritual Director and as the Chief Inspiration Officer at Barefoot. Alison manages to create amazing things through these organisations without the help of a big budget behind her.

She is working with Glasgow Caledonian University to help the pioneers of micro-financing in developing countries, Grameen Bank, become a reality in the UK. Her unerring ability to see the much wider and fuller picture means that her gifts are of great relevance to those involved in the future planning of society, both locally and globally. They make sound financial sense to those looking at bottom-line projections as well as to those who seek a more stable, balanced and just society throughout the inevitable changes which are occurring and which will take place over the coming decades.

Fayn Cottrell – We Got Issuez Facebook: Fayon Cottrell

Fayon Cottrell is a professional, freelance presenter with over a decade of experience in TV, radio & live stage. She is a producer, motivational speaker & creative consultant. Her passion for motivation and recognising the potential in others has led her to working with several companies to deliver creative learning techniques in schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Whilst Coach Me! is Fayon’s own coaching company for individuals, students and local businesses in her community, she is also a reader for the charity, where she assists patients recovering from Strokes in hospitals to regain their speech.

Fayon is the Founder and broadcaster of WGItv – We Got Issuez – a platform for young people to express themselves through dialogue, events & short films. The project is aimed at 15 – 20 year olds and encourages young people to share their views and work towards positive solutions. With Fayon’s background in advertising and recruitment, part of the project is a weekly job forum hosted on Twitter by Fayon and the online newspaper

Each week they connect experts to young people aspiring to work in particular industries. She delights in connecting all aspects of support for young adults, from issues that arise navigating this complex world, to work and training opportunities.

Graham Reid Phoenix – Men Alive!

Grahamreid Phoenix spent most of his life as a theatrical and architectural lighting designer. He owned and ran a well-known international practice specialising in cathedral lighting and lighting strategies for cities. In the last few years he left the lighting profession and turned his creative talents to writing and speaking. Following a major shift in his life, Graham has specialised in writing, and speaking, about men and men’s issues.

As a Transformational Coach for Men he writes on his a website for men, ‘Graham Reid Phoenix’, which has become popular and an authority for and about men. He has dived deep into issues such as Authentic Manhood, Male Mid Life Crisis and Sex and Intimacy.

Graham wants to connect with men, through his show, and help them to realise that it’s OK to be in touch with their masculine core essence and that through courage and certainty they can reclaim their strength. He wants to introduce them to men out in the world who have regained their strength and who are using it to enable other men to grow and develop.

Judy van Niekerk – Inspired Wealth Show

Bestselling Author and Award winning Entrepreneurs’ Success Coach, Judy van Niekerk, well known for her SACRED Leadership Academy where she trains her students from around the world on growing material and spiritual enrichment through Leadership.

She works with individuals, companies, entrepreneurs and groups across all markets helping them gain deeper levels of enrichment. Through her expert methodologies she leads her clients out of the sea of sameness and into the pond of distinction.

Judy has successfully implemented a number of successful social entrepreneurship projects that have developed entrepreneurs in developing countries and with over 20 years experience in entrepreneurial endeavors around the world she brings a wealth of knowledge, insight and wisdom to her clients across the globe.

She is recognized as a thought leader in the cutting edge of the business world methodologies as she speaks on stage globally on the new paradigm of business and unlocking financial freedom of those she speaks to in this new and evolving collaborative economy.

Karen Kennaby – Taste of Life

Karen is the Intuitive Food Coach and she specialises in helping successful individuals get (back) in touch with the foods and way of eating that work for them and their lifestyle. Whether the driver is weight loss, health, lack of energy or just wanting to understand what “healthy eating” means for an individual Karen gets to the heart of it and helps them make the necessary changes. Working holistically Karen helps her clients achieve wonderful, sustainable, rewarding change – allowing them to stop hiding in the shadows and stand empowered and happy in the spotlight on the Red Carpet of life!

Karen trained as a chef at 17 and then went into hotel management. She subsequently set up a highly successful conference agency but retained that love of food – of experimenting, of presenting beautiful food lovingly prepared, learning from the masters and discovering new innovations.

These days Karen’s focus is very much on delicious, beautiful and healthy food. For nearly 10 years she has chosen a real food, moderately low carb diet which allowed her to lose excess weight and maintain her weight all that time as well as eliminating IBS. Around the same time she studied how the mind works and how we can draw out more of the life we want – combining that with the healthy eating is a totally winning formula. She is currently writing her first book – Red Carpet Body: 6 Weeks To Look & Feel Your All Time Best.

Karen believes a lot of Life goes on around the table…meaningful one to one and group conversations, interviews, coaching, relationships developing, preparing & sharing food, eating, and more!…sharing love and inspiration – food and life inextricably linked. Her show Taste of Life brings this together in a delicious combination!

Sunita Pattani – Healing Matters

Psychotherapist, author and researcher Sunita Pattani is the founder of The Feel Free Project. Sunita has a passion for exploring the link between mind, body and spirit and specifically how we can use this information to both heal and provide a higher quality of living for ourselves.

Having previously suffered from binge eating disorder, Sunita is particularly interested in helping people to understand their relationship with food. She is also passionate about exploring ways in which the younger generation can develop both a greater awareness and a higher self-esteem for themselves.

Although originally a qualified Primary School Teacher, Sunita went back to college to study a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Counselling in order to expand her work and help others. She has recently authored her first book, ‘My Secret Affair with Chocolate Cake – The Emotional Eater’s Guide to Breaking Free.’

Ingrid Darragh –

Ingrid Darragh is a relationship coach and emotional healing expert and Author of ‘Divine Love’ and has been featured on Hay House Radio and EFT Radio, as well as in Psychologies Magazine and Spirit & Destiny magazine.

Ingrid’s qualifications include Relationship Coach, Master EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Intuitive Healer, working with her guides and helpers in Spirt. She runs her private practice in Belfast, N Ireland in the UK as well as working with clients worldwide via skype and phone.

Her mission is to “help to heal and restore humanity and to teach, guide and support others to heal from past hurts, fulfil their highest potential and to return to love as their natural state of being”. Ingrid is passionate about love and relationships and her show explores all things relationship-related. To learn more about Ingrid and her work, see Visit her Facebook page Ingrid Darragh – Divine Love

Tom Evans – The Zone Show

Tom is an author, author’s mentor and ‘spiritual engineer’. He has published several non-fiction books and specialises in making the esoteric, the unknown or hidden, into the exoteric, the known and understood. His latest book, The Zone, is an exploration and map of the mythical place where we perform at our peak. The Zone Show is inspired by the book and features erudite and enlightening conversations with creatives and healers at the top of their game.

Tom’s real passion is exploring and explaining how we can use spiritual principles in real world applications. As an example, he is the creator of the innovative time management programme called ‘Manage Your Time With Mindfulness’. This revolutionary programme teaches how to use mindfulness techniques to change the speed and nature of our thoughts so that we simply get more done in less time. Tom ability to demonstrate and teach how we can all ‘see’ and heal across space and time has earned him the moniker of ‘the wizard of light bulb moments’.

Harun Rabbani – Monday Night Meditation

Researcher, mentor and author, Harun Rabbani is the visionary founder of the UnTangled FM. Having hosted several quality radio shows, including The Superhero Show on the BBC and the Consciousness Revolution Show online, Harun has brought together a team of some of the most experienced specialists who live their passions and transform lives to help our listeners to fast-track their own evolution. Harun spends much of his time between writing, mentoring visionary leaders and developing UnTangled FM.

Harun has enjoyed several accolades in developing leaders and as an international speaker. His great passion is researching the synergy between science and spirituality. Much of this has been done through his interviews on The Consciousness Revolution Show and face-to-face interviews. His recent book, Shattering the Grandest Illusions, is a culmination of four years of interviewing some of the greatest minds of our time and helps readers to understand the connection between mental slavery and personal freedom.

Kim Alexis – Hidden Dimensions

Kim Alexis is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Psychic Spiritual Medium, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Crystal Healer, Spirit Release Worker, Workshop Facilitator.

Kim first obtained her Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Spirit Release diplomas from the European College of Hypnotherapy over 10 years ago giving her the accreditation Transpersonal Psychologist, however she consistently acquires new knowledge and techniques in order to help her clients free themselves of ‘old baggage and has created her own formula from her multi-disciplined skills. Through her extensive study of hypnosis, the subconscious mind and spiritual energy healing Kim came to realise that our lives are shaped by our subconscious thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and energetic light body which also creates the conditions of our physical body.

Kim Understands how our childhood programming and prior lives shapes these subconscious behaviours and how these subconscious programmes keep us in a place of lack, victimhood and a plethora of other negative states. Once these programmes and patterns become ‘conscious’ and healed we become transformed bringing about harmony and self -empowerment, having turned wounds into wisdom.

Kim runs a busy practice and she’s a visiting Past Life Therapist at the College of Psychic Studies. She has given hundreds of hypnotherapy, healing, psychic, mediumship sessions here in the UK and internationally most recently in Dubai. Kim has been featured in Fate & Fortune magazine, performed as a psychic in an art installation at Tate Modern, appeared in several newspapers, been interviewed on LBC Radio and performs regularly as a Platform Medium in many Spiritualist Churches in and around London.