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The purpose of every show on UnTangled FM is for listeners to create their freedom in whatever area matters to them right now. The ‘FM’ stands for ‘Freedom Matters’. Thus, what you hear on this pioneering radio station is all about the strategies and steps needed to liberate you to your greatest joy, happiness and fulfilment.

Each show is aired live at the times  shown. Also, each show is broadcast every two weeks. During each interview, you have an opportunity to put your questions to the guest live on air. All you need to do is to type in your question in the question submission box next to the play button on the front page.

UnTangled FM is the people’s radio station. If you have a burning desire or suggestion about a particular topic or show, please send us a brief email to


Replays are available for all listeners.
Replays of each show can be played on their respective show page.