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Would you like to tap into your infinite mind power? Would you like to learn how to improve your memory? Want to learn mindfulness meditation techniques and other processes that transform your mind?

The power of the mind has been known to ancient cultures for thousands of years. Spiritual teachers meditated on it. Philosophers cogitated about it. And, today, the subconscious mind is at the forefront of scientific exploration.

Despite this knowledge, most people barely tap into a fraction of their mind power capacity. This is about to change. UnTangled FM brings you a diversity of shows to that will give you the knowledge, understanding and skills to develop your mind.

You will hear from cutting-edge experts as well as teachers of ancient wisdom who are here for one reason. To blow your mind!

And, if you’re concerned about having too much on your mind, then relax. You will also learn how to clear your mind, the mind body connection, how to renew your mind and so much more.